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About Us

Pacific Tech Communications Inc. is committed to making life more comfortable by providing utility installation and maintenance services in Sacramento, CA. We help people get an interesting and safe workplace to refine themselves and succeed in helping clients and communities. Our company is striving for a leading position in the maintenance service sector in CATV, telecom, broadband, and electrical areas.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has diversified and qualified people who choose and apply the least disruptive and most economically-convenient placement methods. The range of their work is quite wide: from earthworks in deep pits to manual excavations. Our goal is to provide our clients and communities with quality services in the markets of electricity, broadband, telephone, and other industries.

Telecom Services

Our company offers not only joint trench conduit placement & emergency callout, but we also offer channel placement and test & turn up. Our teams have the necessary knowledge and experience to complete master service agreements and drop placement and management.

Electric Utilities
Contact us for overhead/underground conversions & maintenance agreements or if you need cable replacement, auger casing & pipe ramming services. We are also happy to help with distribution systems and duct bank systems.
Engineering Services
Here we have a wide range of services, from OSP CAD drafting & OSP fielding to OSP and ISP design. Our team also specializes in site audit/planning, permitting, and power.

Safety and Staff Development

Pacific Tech Communications Inc. cares about the safety of its staff, therefore, conducts regular training sessions where all team members learn safe methods for performing their duties. Such training programs include OSHA regulations, new employee briefings, safety training, hazard communication, open space and trench safety, confined space entry, electrical safety, occupational risk analysis, and so on. Our staff can also provide first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and AED.

Striving for Success

Our company is rapidly developing to improve the world around us. We are attentive to each of our employees to make them successful and self-fulfilling. Our teams of specialists are our pride; we follow their progress and always support each employee. You will make the right choice if you become our subcontractor because our dynamic and reliable company has a good reputation.

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Aerial Construction

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Underground construction

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Fiber splicing and testing

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Maintenance and Emergency Repair

Emergencies happen unexpectedly. It is unpleasant and destroys all plans.
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